Diving Hong Kong Coral

STEM Workshop - Kayuride

Student Projects at CCCU (Arduino)

Cave Diving as an Extreme Sport

Cave Diving is a branch of underwater scuba diving in which there is no direct access to water surface in cases of emergencies. It is an extreme sport that calls for highly-specialized and trained skills, knowledge, equipment, team work and diver mindset.

Many may have negative impression about diving in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong water is full of surprise, especially during the winter time.

Diving in a "sea" of sargassum... probably unique experience in Hong Kong

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Diving in Hong Kong

regular STEM workshop at local secondary school

Appreciating the beautiful ocean of Hong Kong

Is it what you think diving in hong kong is like?

ocean technology


Hong Kong marine litter being discovered in Taiwan is no news to us ;-) Back in 2017 we conducted a Citizen Science Program to study the movement of ocean trash in the Hong Kong region. Click the Presentation on the left hand side to find out more.

Our second-generation Ocean Drifter (Trash Tracker) is equipped with the Iridium Satellite modem and solar power panels. GPS coordinates are fed back to cloud real-time even outside of mobile phone network coverage. (

<-- our satellite ocean drifter stranded at Shanwei (汕尾) of China after drifting for 2 weeks outside of Hong Kong (deployment at Lei Yue Mun)

Ghost gear detective project

So-called “ghost gear”, fishing equipment which is lost in the sea, can continue killing marine life for decades or even centuries after it first enters the ocean, making it the most deadly form of marine plastic debris.

In 2019, we invented a low-cost GPS device that enables divers to mark the geographical locations of underwater ghost gears. The program rolled out to engage 60 active divers in town to discover and tag ghost gears over a period of two years. Click here for documentation of project.

Update (Nov, 2021): Our Tagger was featured in CNN WORLD... click

A GPS Tagger with Build-in Dive COmputer Function

GPS + Dive Computer

The DIY Dive Computer with GPS is able to show Bottom Time, Depth and NDL while submerged and it logs and records up to 255 GPS locations on surface

GPS Dive Computer

Dive sites of Hong Kong are concentrated on the East side of the territory. They are all marked by the DIY GPS Dive Computer. Coordinates are stored on mySQL, retrieved and presented on Google Map via php, Javascript and HTML - click here to navigate the map

Coral Reef Mapping Drone

Not only do we build our own flying drone, we have also adopted the technology to water surface. The Coral Reef Mapping Drone is capable of cruising along pre-planned transects on water surface and take overlapping pictures of the coral reef such that they can later be stitched into huge coral reef maps for observation and monitoring purpose. The technology was build as part of the project: Benthic Habitat Mapping of Tung Ping Chau Marine Park

Underwater timelapse and video

Specially designed for prolonged underwater timelapse or video using the GoPro, the tube-sized housing is catered to the latest GoPro 9 with ample amount of space for the desired power bank rating. A 10,000mAh power bank, for example, offers 20+ hours of uninterrupted GoPro run time.

STEM workshop for divers!

The one-of-a-kind workshop that combines technology, conservation, making, coding, and diving into one DIY product - make your own GPS Dive computer. During the 5.5-hour workshop our participants learnt how to solder electronic components, constructing and waterproofing the housing, personalize the software, pressure-test their units, etc. and etc., plus of course all the underlined knowledge of how GPS and decompression algorithms work.

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Diving has brought me to a lot of unspeakably beautiful places, Gdansk of Poland being one of them. Wreck Diving at 3 degree Celsius at the Baltic sea is extraordinary in itself, so is the breath-takingly beautiful landscape, historical significance and vibrancy of the city.

Brest is a beautiful port city located at the western tip of France. In 2019, April, we joint-forced with local fab labs in Brest to host an ocean-themed hackathon. As makers / hackers / divers we feel obliged to make good use of technology on ocean- and environment-related issues.


Another beautiful country on the European continent. weather is beautiful all year round and because of the dry but windy climate one could walk under the sun the entire day without feeling sweaty or drained. People are nice and helpful. Transportation is systematic and places are easy to reach. houses are not expensive and diving (cave diving and ocean diving) is Handy.