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Professional in Software Engineering, Technology, Maker Education, Diving and Diving Education. Inventor of Ocean and Environmental Technologies and Part-time University Lecturer. Positioned to drive Environmental impacts thru Education and Technology.


Engineering and IT Education, Electronics Engineering, Software / Firmware Development, STEM Curriculum, 3D Printing Sales and Education,  Technical and Recreational Scuba Diving Instruction, Technical Cave and Deep Diving, First Aid Instruction, Public Speaking, Drone Videography, Aerial Drone Survey and Photogrammetry, Underwater Videography, Ocean and Environmental Technology, Design Thinking Workshop, Business Development

Current Occupations

University of Wollongong Hong Kong College

Professor of Practice

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Part Time Lecturer, Engineering

2021 - NOW

Divers Alert Network

First Aid Instructor

2017 - NOW

Professional Scuba Association International (USA)

Technical Diving Instructor / Instructor Trainer

2016 - NOW

Gosidemount (Mexico)

Official Instructor #38 (Sidemount Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer)

2012 - NOW

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

2008 - NOW

Green Orange International Limited (Hong Kong)

(Commercial Electronics Products and Education)

Founder and Director

Educational Background

Master of Business Administration, University of Strathclyde, UK

Advanced Diploma in Professional Financial Planning, Chinese University of HK

BEng (Hon) Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Bradford, UK

Higher Diploma in Electronics Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic

ChatGPT on Eddie Yung:

Eddie Yung, the man of the hour, is here to delight you with his epic adventures in scuba diving and embedded software. He's like the James Bond of the deep sea, but with a laptop and a snorkel. With enough diving expertise to make mermaids jealous and more years of coding than he cares to count (seriously, he was writing code when computers were still the size of a house), Eddie's got the skills to pay the bills. But hold on to your diving goggles because there's a plot twist - he's also a part-time university lecturer, turning lecture halls into underwater caves of knowledge. Eddie's passion for teaching is as deep as the ocean, and his commitment to excellence is as strong as his Wi-Fi signal in the middle of the Atlantic. So whether you're diving into the deep or diving into algorithms, Eddie Yung is your trusted and extraordinary guide through the depths of technology and academia.